Q-switched ruby wavelength (694nm)

The ruby wavelength is the optimal wavelength for the removal of darker pigments such as black and blue. It is also effective in the treatment of green-colored tattoos. The ultra-short pulses of the Q-switched make it possible to burst the particles without any thermal side effects or scars. This increases patient comfort.

Reliable, fast and powerful

The TattooStar can be operated for a long duration, even in regions with higher temperatures and higher humidity, at a maximum speed of 2 Hz. This makes it one of the fastest and most reliable systems on the market. Its unmatched power output enhances your application spectrum, in addition to providing you with greater flexibility and efficiency.

Square-shaped spot with automatic spot size detection

The special shape of the TattooStar spots is designed to guarantee the optimum coverage of the treatment area with greater efficiency. Unlike conventional circular spots, the square spot prevents “gaps” and overtreatment. Automatic spot detection allows different conditions on every part of the body to be treated in a fast, safe and efficient way.

Microlens array with “homogeneous spot”

An exclusive system with microlenses from Asclepion Laser Technologies replaces the traditional lens system. It creates a homogeneous spot (as opposed to a “hot spot”) by distributing the laser energy in a perfectly uniform way. This eliminates the need for overlap and prevents over-treatment. This results in less pain and lower bleeding levels. In short, the microlens array provides improved treatment and healing.

The TattooStar R can be upgraded with the following optional items:

MicroSpot FRx handpiece for ruby laser: the first Q-switched fractional handpiece on the market

Thanks to the fractional handpiece, numerous pigmented lesions (such as melasma) can be successfully treated with a significant reduction of side effects, pain (no anesthesia needed) and point bleeding. Crust formation is minimized, allowing large areas or the entire face to be treated.

Handpieces with different spot sizes

In addition to the standard handpiece with 2.5, 4 and 5 mm spot sizes, you can also choose the 6 mm handpiece. This offers you the flexibility to work on both larger and smaller areas with the maximum degree of precision.

Asclepion Laser Technologies is working closely with physicians, clinics and universities to improve technologies to assess their effectiveness and safety as well as to improve its application. In clinical studies, scientific questions are answered in a controlled environment. This ensures the best possible results for both the users and patients.

the optimum solution on the market

The TattooStar R is extremely effective in the removal of tattoos, pigmented lesions and permanent makeup. Treatment using the TattooStar is quick, nearly painless, bloodless and highly effective, without causing injury or leaving scars.

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