MedArt FRx Intenz CO2

MedArt FRx Intenz CO2 is a highly versatile and capable CO2 laser system combined with unique scanning technology for fractional or full ablation treatments. MedArt experts employed all their knowledge and more than 40 years of experience to offer advanced fractional treatments with spot sizes down to 165 microns, achieving deep penetration while minimizing downtime. This compact and portable laser product makes treatments fast and safe without compromising the ability to individualize treatments by adjusting treatment pattern, density and on-time.

MedArt LVR – Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

The MedArt LVR Fractional Scanner, along with the MedArt FRx Intenz CO2 system, is a prompt and effective procedure for treatment of the vaginal canal. The fractional treatment improves vaginal laxity and strengthens the vaginal wall. Watch the Video